I really enjoyed the different group dynamic and found the time and creative pressure invigorating after such a long holiday.

Having being given a brief to try and improve accessibility within DJCAD, we set about identifying the problems before we could come up with a design solution for it.

The main issues we identified were shortage and low standard of disabled toilet facilities, inaccessibility due to stairs everywhere and lack of tools to help the visually impaired navigate the buildings.

A group discussion led us to decide to tackle the problem of toilet facilities for those with mobility difficulties. I was pleased to contribute my own opinions and pipe up during conversation as I normally find these situations quite intimidating and exposing.

We did not really choose a team leader so at times I felt a little lost of direction and unsure of what was expected of me in the team. However on the second day, I (as the only Interior Design student in a group of Product Designers) was assigned the task of creating the scale cardboard prototype floor plan. Over the last few projects I have realised how important the cardboard prototyping techniques we learnt in the first module are and how often we use them. Below are photos of my process of making a cardboard toilet bowl which took several attempts, the cardboard toilet paper dispenser and the finished model which we built to meet disability standards.

I am rather pleased with the final model.

I really enjoyed this task and getting to work with older students from different disciplines. I feel we worked calmly as a team, included everyone in discussions and produced an interesting project within in the time allowed due to good time management.