Journey Map Image 300.jpg

Above is my journey map of the experience of someone interacting with our Caird Hall model several weeks ago.

Having researched journey maps, most that I found were very corporate looking and based on actual data or opinions which wasn’t really appropriate for what I wanted to produce seeing as I didn’t feel we’d really created a product or got direct opinions from the public about our model because we were too busy asking them what they liked about Dundee when we were actually out in the city centre.

Thus, I created anunnamed-9 imaginary persona:









And did some sketchy ideas for a more illustrative

unnamed-8design of a journey map (which involved shopping bags, knocked over coffee cups and a very happy looking student):

I then created a story-like journey map from the point of view of ‘Jeremy’, my persona, detailing how and why he might interact with the model in the way that he theoretically did. I believe Jeremy’s story show’s a lot about our model; how clear our message was, how well it was constructed in relation to people being able to draw on it and how people were more likely to interact with us/our model if other people were already doing it.