We made steady progress with our design for a connective dwelling.

We completed the basic structure of the floor plans and began to fill the rooms with miniature furniture to show scale. There was some debate over what the scale should be as the proportions of the rooms would suggest that rooms have high ceiling but then the doors and windows would be huge. We should have been more precise with the scale when we started planning.


Above is a top view of the ground floor, complete with furniture but as of yet lacking the interactive living room which we hope will be playful for all the family. Pictured below is a bedroom layout, the en-suit and a tiny model sink.

The interactive, playful living room was something we had wanted to include from the beginning but we hadn’t thought about how it might actually translate itself. We then came up with the idea of a kind of light up flooring which would change when stood on and therefore be interactive. We considered all the games the children and the family could play with it – like don’t touch the lava floor, or a kind of whack-a-mole type game and possibly play different notes of sound when different sections of the floor was stood on.

a Opposite are the stairs which take up minimal space but would have a glass edge for safety.

We made little actual progress with the concept boards and plan to work throughout next week to have the project completed and ready to present.