Our brief was to create a set of dashboard items for a mobile app called Letters Home.

Below is the design process for the icon for the Members Area:

The original sketch shows lots of happy people cheering but I had to go through several stages of further development when digitalising the image because the shapes I used created patterns of their own and were not discernibly figures of people but confusing shapes. I could have used a single figure for simplicity but I wanted to emphasis the community and number of people involved.

The Gallery icon, shown above, was the most simple to convert from sketch to digital icon. I wanted to step up the standard recognised gallery image so added a little figure looking super pleased with their work because users of the app should be proud to share their work.

Above is the icon for Text Glossary. I struggled to come up with an image but believe letters work just as effectively in this context. It is hand drawn. Below is my development process for the Animation icon. My person figure running idea was a complete failure due to my trouble in effectively portraying my idea.  A bouncing ball icon seemed much simpler and I think the final icon works.