When looking for inspiration from my magazine design, I came across the work of Otl Aicher, who was a German graphic designer born in 1922. He is most famous for his grid-system pictographs of Olympic sports and the following Munich 1972 Olympic posters.


The image opposite is one of Aicher’s posters for the Munich 1972 Olympics. He used a single typeface throughout all the posters – Univers, and took his colour palette from the colours of the Bavarian countryside. This creates striking colour combinations across the stylised images. Aicher is known for his grids and structural visual systems making his designs feel clean and organised.


Above are examples of Aicher using such grid systems (and colour schemes) to great effect and I hope to take this style forward to my own design.

braunAnother example of Aicher’s structured use of grids in design is his famous Braun logo. Using circles and squares he builds up a highly effective typographic logo.






Munich 1972 gymnast poster

Grid System Olympic Posters

Braun logo grid design