On Thursday we made significant progress in making the assessable elements for our connectivity dwelling. Having outlined our ideas clearly and drawn up basic sketches of the proposed space last week, we were able to crack on with the making. One of our team had drawn up some architectural floor-plans which enabled us to clarify our idea and have one central plan to work from.

Above are images showing the cardboard model we assembled. There is to be two floors of similar construction.

To ensure that all the elements are finished on time and so that the project can evolve easily, we decided to split the tasks. Whilst the other half of the team worked on creating the cardboard model using techniques we had learnt in previous modules, Ciara and I made a start on the concept boards. We had clear ideas about what our collective inspirations were and the reasoning behind each design feature. We created emotional technical drawings of important features which would be hard to convey in the cardboard model and required extra, artistic clarification and these images will be used on the concept boards.

Below are images of my emotional technical drawings which show the central kitchen island which transforms into a family dining table.