Today we had a talk and workshop from James Law, the lead artist of Outplay Entertainment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My visual notes are shown below.


It was really great to hear from someone working in the field, with an outside view and an insight into how companies actually work. He got us think about how you tell a story through images, how you build up layers.

In games design, there’s no point in putting loads of effort into a visual object that the player cannot even interact with. As an artist/designer, you have to ask yourself what is necessary and if it’s not, get rid of it. It’s all about clarity. This approach I’m sure can be translated through several situations and relates well to interior and environmental design in that you should focus on the bigger picture, on the necessary elements that are actually going to have a big impact on your design and the user, and the surface dressings are less important.

We were then set the challenge of story-boarding our journeys to Dundee. Mine is as follows…


I wanted to make sure my images spoke for themselves and told the story so I didn’t want to add captions or speak bubbles. I am quite pleased with the outcome and through some very rough sketches, I think I conveyed the basic story and the emotions involved.

This was my favourite morning of the course, so far.