Our task was to story-board our processes and projects for the Ways of Seeing module so far. Mine is as follows:dsc_0351dsc_0352dsc_0353

Hopefully my storyboard speaks for itself (which is why I was reluctant to add speak bubbles or captions) but it depicts my initial research and exploration of Dundee and the subsequent infographic. It then shows our group work, building the cardboard Caird Hall and taking it out into the city centre to interact with public and ask them to write their responses to the question ‘What do you like about Dundee?’ on the model.

I enjoyed this sketching task as it forced me to draw quickly, helping me convey emotion and movement in my drawings. I was keen to stick to what James Law said about clarity and only including the things that matter and actually have some bearing on the story you are trying to tell, thus my drawings are fairly uncomplicated and simple and stylised.