The next step in making my map model wasunnamed-10 to paint it white. However, what with all the scoring I had done to ensure the wrap around sections bent in the correct manner, adding wet paint made the model flop noticeably and lose much of its structural integrity, as you can see in the photograph on the right.

I was a little disappointed by the patchy, thin later of paint but was reluctant to add another after having too add extra hard foam struts to keep my entire model from collapsing completely.

For the creating of my ‘skyline’ I cut loads of little shapes that vaguely resemble buildings from thick sheet foam and coloured them black.


I also created little objects that represented significant events that would have an adverse effect on my heartbeat throughout the day. There’s a flight of stairs, a presentation board and a boxing glove which all cause my heart rate to significantly increase. The sofa represents being chilled out and therefore having a very low, relaxed heartbeat.

Some of the foam shapes are displayed in the image, right.


Above are my heartbeats in the making. I used my glue gun to draw the jagged shape into a bit of tin can. I was then able to peel off the cardiograph and paint it red with nail varnish and add it to my model. The taller the spikes of the heartbeat trail, then the higher the heartbeat I am trying to represent is.

Above are photos of the finished map. It has a slightly ghoulish feel but I am very pleased with the overall effect and feel I put a lot of effort into the details of this map. Below are images of the details of the map.




This is my legend for the map which shows how the spikes of the trail get higher as the heart beats per minute increase. The central pillar of the map also has a time scale on it to show the progression of time over the period of a day.