Above is the poster we created which maps our team’s progress through our thinking processes, physical making and physically moving the finished Caird Hall model around Dundee.

Overall, I found this project rather enjoyable and therefore believe we have been quite successful as a team. Working in a team that I already knew allowed me to relax, have more discussion as a team and therefore come to a more interesting conclusion and design. We used the cardboard prototyping techniques and skills we learnt in Martin’s last module to create a sturdy and striking model. The most challenging part of the project got me was the social interaction part and initially, when we carried the model into town I felt a little awkward going up to people and asking them what they thought about Dundee and what they felt should change. In the end though, I just decided to go for it and bite the bullet because we needed to approach people to get their comments. It was interesting to get different perspectives on our question and fun to read through all the responses people had written when we finally got the model back to the studio.