Today I started making the physical structure of my map out of cardboard.

It was as I was scoring the card so that I could make a smooth cylinder that I thought about how important and useful the simple cardboard modelling skills and tricks we learnt in the first week of the Ways Of Making Module were and how these basic skills had probably set the basis of a lot of my future prototyping over the next four years.

My central tube is 40cm tall (the limit of the brief) and has a diameter of 10cm. For my first attempt of making the wrap-around sections, I simply cut a doughnut shape out of cardboard but I quickly realised that it too would need to be scored (on both sides because it bends in two directions) so that it bends consistently and not in kinks. Also, if you take a diagonal cross-section of a cylinder you get an ellipses. I only remembered this after trying to get my perfectly circular cardboard doughnut to fit around the cylinder at an angle. It was easily enough remedied and and I made four elliptical rings for the base structure of my map.

Below are photographs of my working progress of the base of the  map – the cylindrical centre and wrap around sections.

Next I will paint the whole thing white and start adding a 3D skyline on the platform. I was thinking of the silhouette skyline I made previously for my Ways Of Seeing infographic and I think I will represent the buildings in a similar, striking black outline form. I think I will restrict my colour pallet to the white background, black skyline and red heart beat trail. This will hopefully result in a dynamic and effective, modern looking final map.