This morning we took our 3m long cardboard model of the Caird Hall into Dundee city centre to get people to interact with it and create a ‘social buzz’ surrounding people’s views on Dundee.

Clockwise from top left: team carrying model, group photo with model in Overgate Shopping Centre, team carrying model through shopping centre, the model in front of the actual Caird Hall, members of the public writing their opinions on the model, more members of the public writing their opinions on the model.

First we placed our model outside the actual Caird Hall to compare the scale and it seemed like the most logical place to talk to people about it. As it was, in the large empty expanse of the space in front of the Caird Hall, it was hard to catch people’s attention and then it began to rain so we decamped into the Overgate Shopping Centre. It was much easier to interact with people in the closer confines of the centre, as people slowed to peer at our interesting model we could approach and ask if they would like to talk to us about what they liked about Dundee and what they would change, if anything. We asked “What do you like about Dundee?” and asked them to write their responses on our cardboard model.

Comments ranged from “The road to Glasgow” to “The people are friendly” and “Shopping” made several appearances.


Above is a selection of the comments written by members of the public on our model.

After our initial wariness and awkwardness over asking strangers if they would like to write on our model I think the team relaxed and we had some genuinely meaningful interactions with members of the public. It was an interesting experience.