Our brief is to create an object (or app) that encourages people to interact more playfully with, and explore, their surroundings. I really struggled with coming up with an original idea; I wanted to create something dynamic and modern.20161019_145249

My initial brainstorming addressed everything from dealing with rain to making shadows to trying to be as inefficient as possible and yet nothing really sparked an idea I felt I could work with. 20161019_145259



I looked at ancient forms of navigation for inspiration. Most basic and ancient is looking to the stars to find your way. Nowadays, everyone is looking down at their phones, or their own feet or if you’re lucky, the person next to them. Very rarely does anyone look up anymore. Stars no longer play any part in our navigation or layouts of roads and streets so using the stars to navigate would help create new paths, to help people explore in patterns that they wouldn’t normally use.

I am working on an idea of a handheld object that would 20161019_145306change shape to point to certain stars or planets and it could potentially be linked to an app so you could tell it which star or constellation you were looking for and the object would change shape to show you.

My next step is to make an initial prototype so I can get a feel for it’s physical presence and shape and size and work my developments and refinements on from there.