Today we had a talk from Aymeric20161011_112133 Renoud who is a interior, environmental and furniture design. It was a relief to finally have something that recognisably linked to the interiors course. I think the main thing I took from Aymeric’s lecture was the importance of being able to use a varied range of design programmes but also be able to translate these in the workshop into physical prototypes. This is highly valued in the workplace and people who possess both skills are referred to as ‘T-shaped skilled people’. See left for the visual notes I took during his lecture.

Our challenge is now to create an expressive technical drawing of the Verdant Works. This morning was one that I have enjoyed the most. The whole class was sent off with half a dozen tape measures to take as many measurements of the Verdant Works we thought necessary. Everyone seem relaxed, we weren’t being watched, we worked in groups of our choice and helped each other out, exchanged measurements, took photos of each other taking measurements and enjoyed getting out of the studio and moving about outside. So far I’ve only felt pressured when working in groups but this morning was great.

We took scribbled notes and then took them back to the studio to begin translating them into our technical drawings. I am enjoying working on something so precise and yet I’m really looking forward to adding the expressive colour and texture – which I would like to add as extra layers on tracing paper so that it doesn’t interfere with the technical layer.