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Working Processes for Minimalist Posters



Final Minimalist Posters


The final development of this idea involved me taking the background away from the photo of the object to give a clearer, more professional looking background, changing the proportioning to landscape and experimenting with a bold typeface that I feel reflects the phrase better. I am happy with the presentation of this final poster and believe my message is clear and clever. This poster could be used to advertise cycling gear.


I used a softer, lowercase typeface for this poster because I wanted the phrase to relate more to the positive fruits rather than the harsh labour part of the phrase. Unfortunately I could not get a hold of any actual cogs to make my poster even more realistic but I am still pleased with the final outcome which would I think would fit in with Lidl’s posters about food and farming if it were used for promotion.

Freezoning Sign Design

Because street signs are usually so restrictive, telling us what and where we can and cannot go, the idea of ‘freezoning’ encourages people to reclaim public spaces and use them for unusual and/or liberating activities. Street signs are being used to designate an area to a particular activity or identity. For my own sign and activity, I chose meditating.

I brainstormed words that I associate with the state of meditation. The most obvious way to convey meditating on a sign would simply be an image of someone in a typical meditation pose, therefore I explored ways of creating a stylised seated figure. To be in keeping with existing signs, a simple silhouette would be most appropriate.  This idea seemed overly simple and obvious to me so I explored my other options.

I’ve been doing some henna on myself recently and it sparked the idea of a lotus mandala which I feel fits with the culture behind meditation. I researched some before creating my own with different patterns. My final design combines both the lotus and the silhouette of a seated figure because I think I need both to convey my message clearly enough.

I chose to use only  black and white for my sign because I didn’t feel any bright colour would add anything to my design and I don’t think busy colours would be in-keeping with the peacefulness, simplicity and deliberate emptiness of meditation.20161005_133541

Ideally, my sign would encourage people to pause in their busy lives and try to clear their mind for a few moments. I think this could be particularly effective in high stress level city environments.