Based on the information we collected on day one and further research, we were required to design an infographic. I was a little sceptical to begin with as my perception of infographics was that they focused on statistical type information whereas the information we had been encouraged to collect was more based on opinions. However with some further internet based research and reading some tourist information boards throughout the city, I enjoyed putting together my infographic.

I kept a limited colour palette, using punchy silhouettes to keep it looking professional and modern. I also kept to only two bold typefaces to keep the design united and prevent it from getting confusing. All photographic images are ones I took myself on the first afternoon – snapshots of Dundee that captured my attention. I also created the V&A, silhouette skyline and UNESCO symbol  from simple black shapes to be in keeping with the colour scheme and modern look.

Looking at my finished infographic, I feel the layout is a little uneven – the top section is more weighted towards simple icons and the bottom section has more text. However, thanks to the way you add blocks in Piktochart, it is hard to get information to flow from one block to the other which therefore made it hard to rearrange my composition to be more balanced.