Yesterday I realised just how strong cardboard can be…


Today I was again surprised when my increasingly flimsy looking structure actually stood up under its own weight. Although making tubes with complicated bends may be most aesthetically accurate, it’s possibly not the most structurally strong approach.

Putting all my components together today, I will admit felt like a little bit of a gamble. Although I had carefully measured the length and width of every part, I had not payed the same attention to the exact angles the parts bent at. Luckily, it all appears to be fitting together successfully but it’s definitely something I will keep more in mind next time. Because everyone in the team is making different parts and ultimately they all need to fit together, we have to work closely to make sure this happens. For instance, Hannah and I had to make sure the diameters of our tubes were the same so that the main handle would connect seamlessly to the rest of the structure.  Team work is going well, due to the complexity of the structure, usually it takes more than one set of hands to put things together. Lewis and I have worked closely on assembling the wheel and really got a system going.

Yesterday  I tried another new technique for creating a hollow, curved structure which basically involved making a large cardboard woodlouse. By overlapping the plates I could control the angle of the bend more easily than if I had cut out triangles and had to match edges perfectly.

Having gone in today to work more on our model, I feel more confident about getting it finished to a satisfactory standard now.