Today’s exercise was to get us thinking about signage and how signs can be used to define spaces. Out in public, we are constantly bombarded with signs and directions and orders that dictate how we use a space. Some people are eager to take back this power by implementing signs that encourage unusual or even frowned-upon behaviour.

Actions such as crying, wearing just underwear and drinking alcohol are all frowned upon or prohibited in public. Our signs followed the existing rules of sign colour and shape to fit in and stand on pre-existing understanding of signs in the street. Through simple, stylised symbols we were able to clearly convey out message.

These exercises have been helping me to understand the different ways we communicate and how the cleverest way is to imply something and let the viewer do a little of the work. However this can be subjective – a design that instantly clicks with one person might have to be thoroughly explained to another. This has become evident through the feedback I have received from both my course leader and my peers and I think this also illustrates the importance of thinking of your target market and wondering what they will see first and understand.