Following the feedback from last week’s lesson, I further developed and came up with new ideas for my minimalist posters which are now hopefully more obvious but still clever.

I brainstormed some more ideas, this time starting with the object and trying to find interesting ways to interpret it and think of all the alternative means – rather than last time where we started with a phrase and thought of ways to represent it. I tried to think a little more literally and of the obvious; feedback suggested my message and image combinations where too cryptic last time. However I was particularly interested in the orange and it’s structure so I explored its possible meanings further, reluctant to give up on the orange all together. Starting with the physical object certainly helped because I could physically peel the orange and look at it from different angles – mainly to discover that it looked like a flower bud unfurling.

I photographed on a plain white background although the lighting offers a softer white backdrop and is not too stark. I chose a plain typeface to covey the simple message without detracting attention from the image.

Starting with a coat hanger, I came up with a concept and phrase which I really like but the presentation of the idea is not up to standard yet. The shape of the coat hanger reminded me of the sweeping handle bars of a bicycle. The phrase ‘get in gear’ refers both to the gears of a bike and gear as in clothing gear, thus creating the link between object and the action it is conveying.

I would like to develop this idea further by firstly fixing the glaring lighting and take the photograph on a plain white background. Also, if the message is not clear enough, I would like to try taking a photo of the coat hanger held over a wheel of a bike to make the situation more easily understood.

My final though featured a