As a continuation of last week’s lesson I created 3 more minimalist posters based on the words/phrases ‘up’, ‘fair play’ and ‘full circle’.

‘Up’ – the final poster is taking an alternative viewpoint on a stairwell and the fact it’s

looking down the stairs but you can walk up the stairs, therefore relating to the word ‘up’.

‘Fair play’ – I struggled to come up with words that ah-needrepresented the  fair part of the phrase but the play part could be shown through just about any game or piece of play equipment.  I therefore decided to alter a game to make it seem unfair. By colouring in one block of jenga I am suggesting that it is different and therefore possibly unfair but not was not explicit in how it was unfair. The game would still be able to be played, only that one piece is distractingly different.

‘Full circle’ – for this phrase I had several ideas that20160923_151210
showed progression; as in objects coming full circle (ie a whole apple, apple core and apple pips lined up). My final design however is of orange segments.  These individual, deconstructed pieces of orange will create a circular orange when combined. I considered using the actual number of segments needed to make a whole orange but the simplicity and power of three, I feel is more effective.