Our brief was to create an object out of clay, which represents20160915_153421 ourselves in some way, into which we would incorporate a chip. The resulting product would allow us to sign in to class.

Having had very little experience with clay, I started by simply playing with the clay, working with the consistency, realising just how quickly it dries out and how difficult precise details are to achieve!

For my object I didn’t simply want to recreate an object that
already exists, I didn’t think any significant part of myself could be summed up in a single recognisable object. Instead, I thought back to freshers week and asked myself how others might have 20160915_161403perceived me or how they may have remembered me. I decided that my energetic, slightly unusual dancing probably stuck in some people’s minds and that that concept could create an effective object.

After some experimenting, I discovered that a humanoid shape would be too slim to accommodate the larger chip. I made several flowing shapes to see how any of them might fit together. My final solution has a ‘head’ large enough to slide the chip into. The curl on the back of the head was supposed to represent a sort of energetic arm but the more I look at it, the more it looks like hair. I am pleased that my little character does at least look as if he is jumping and so captures some of the energy I wanted to convey.

I look forward to seeing the final fired piece and using it to sign in to class.